Which bills passed this year in Alabama?

Alabama’s legislative session ended on May 17th at midnight this year, when the House and Senate officially stood adjourned sine die, meaning with no designated day for resumption. On the last day, the legislature passed some notable bills, including Rep. Wes Allen’s curbside voting ban bill and Rep. Jeremy Gray’s yoga in schools bill, and adjourned before the House could vote on Sen. Shay Shelnutt’s transgender bill. Gov. Kay Ivey also signed Sen. Tim Melson’s medical cannabis program bill into law. 
Sen. Arthur Orr’s vaccine passport bill, Rep. Scott Stadthagen’s transgender athlete bill, and the aforementioned medical cannabis program bill made headlines when they went through committee hearings, were debated on the floor, and eventually passed.

Other bills didn’t receive the same level of press coverage, but may be just as important to lobbyists, non-profit organizations, or citizens who are trying to keep an eye on their lawmakers. 

How many bills have passed in Alabama this year?

The Alabama Legislature passed 545 bills and joint resolutions that have now either been signed into law or are awaiting Gov. Ivey’s signature. No bills have been vetoed so far. 

How do I look up bills that passed in Alabama?

It’s easy to track legislation using FastDemocracy’s free legislative lookup tool, but to make it even easier, we’ve created a list below of each of the laws that were passed in Alabama this year. 
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