We make it easy to track legislation in Congress & all 50 states.

The FastDemocracy ® legislative bill tracking software empowers political newcomers and professionals to be more informed and effective advocates for policy change, by keeping them up to date on state and Congress legislation.
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Why FastDemocracy?
Tracking bills is hard, especially if you rely on state legislature websites! Each year, thousands of bills get filed in every state legislature in the country (that's about 180,000 bills nationwide). Legislation gets introduced by bill sponsors, heard in committees, amended, passed and becomes law. That's thousands of bill texts, hearings, votes and amendments to keep track of. If you want to be an effective advocate, you need to know what action to take and when to take it. We can help you stay up to date on bills you care about, so you can take timely action.
FastDemocracy makes it easy to track legislation in Congress and all 50 states, so you don't miss legislative bill actions that are important to you. We combine this with a government advocacy and lobbying suite to develop and organize advocacy strategies, collaborate, and keep stakeholders informed. Instead of going to government websites and combing through hundreds of pages of legislation, we detect legislative patterns and help you focus on what you do best - advocate for policy change. FastDemocracy is built from the state-level up, so we have the most accurate and timely information across states and the federal government.
Which version of FastDemocracy is right for you?
We're on a mission and we believe that everybody deserves to know what their government is doing. That's why we provide basic bill tracking for free to anyone who wants to be informed, while giving Government Relations Professionals the most intuitive and powerful legislative bill tracking software.
FastDemocracy Free is for politically interested individuals who want to follow along with legislation and want to contact their legislators.
FastDemocracy Professional is for Government Relations professionals, nonprofits, advocacy groups, businesses, law firms, associations, legislators and journalists. If the government is a focus of your profession, FastDemocracy Professional is your personal assistant. Get accurate, realtime legislative tracking alerts for state legislatures and Congress, generate professional legislative reports for clients and stakeholders, collaborate with colleagues, organize your advocacy and save hours of work every week.
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Why our Customers Love FastDemocracy Professional
Associated Industries of Missouri
“I have lobbied for more than 30 years in various roles. We began using FastDemocracy this session and I was extremely impressed with the features available as well as the timeliness and accuracy of information. I highly recommend FastDemocracy to anyone that needs or wants accurate and reliable legislative information.”
Ray McCarty, President & CEO, Associated Industries of Missouri
“FastDemocracy makes it simple and easy to search, compare and track different pieces of legislation. It helps to be able to share lists with my coworkers and colleagues so we can collaborate on where we need to direct our work.”
Samati Niyomchai, Public Policy Manager, PROMO
Generate Health
“FastDemocracy has helped us connect better with our advocates, keep track of legislation, and prepare for future sessions through research. It made a big difference in our advocacy.”
Abby Buckhouse, Policy & Advocacy Manager, Generate Health