FastDemocracy announces expansion and new features in advance of 2019 legislative session


October 22, 2018


FastDemocracy announces expansion and new features in advance of 2019 legislative session


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — FastDemocracy, an online bill tracker and legislative analytics platform, today announced that it has expanded its toolkit in advance of the 2019 legislative session to include new, innovative tools that make legislative advocacy more effective. The full, expanded suite of legislative analytics features is geared towards government relations professionals and available by online subscription at


“With our new, advanced analytics, we’re not only giving subscribers the ability to follow what’s happening in the legislature, we’re giving them the ability to predict outcomes and showing them the pathway to success.” said Jill Kline, CEO at FastDemocracy. “Paired with our user-friendly interface FastDemocracy empowers more businesses, organizations, and individuals to take control of their government relations strategy.”


FastDemocracy’s newly released, standout features include instant alerts of bill actions, amendment notifications and a one-of-a kind bill comparison feature. “The bill comparison feature is like a DNA fingerprint for bill language. If there’s similar bill language in other bills, you’ll know. If bill language of interest gets amended to another bill, we will alert you,” says Anatolij Gelimson, the CTO of FastDemocracy. “If organizations are pushing similar legislation in other states, you can see that with the click of a button.”


In 2019, FastDemocracy will further expand its toolkit to include predictive technology, allowing users to move beyond traditional bill tracking and identify effective, data-driven strategies for success. Additionally, FastDemocracy will expand its tracking and analytics capabilities to the local level, with St. Louis and Kansas City as the flagship cities.


FastDemocracy has seen substantial growth in 2018. The platform currently has more than 800 users, primarily in Missouri. FastDemocracy earned a $25,000 grant from Digital Sandbox KC in July and was a top prize winner in the third annual Pure Pitch Rally earlier this month.


FastDemocracy, founded in 2018 and headquartered in Kansas City, is a state and national legislative analytics platform that uses data-driven analytics and collaborative communications tools to empower professionals and consumers alike to be more informed and effective while advocating for policy change. For more information on FastDemocracy, visit