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    Aug 21, 2023
  • Passed Senate
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SB 7027
Tennessee Senate Bill
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Juvenile Offenders - As introduced, requires a juvenile court to impose a blended sentence on a child adjudicated delinquent for certain offenses; defines blended sentencing as a combination of any disposition otherwise provided for juveniles and a period of an adult disposition to be served after the child turns 19 and which ends on or before the child's 24th birthday; requires the juvenile court to hold a transfer hearing if a juvenile offender is 16 or more but less than 18 at the time of the alleged conduct and is alleged to have committed certain offenses; requires the juvenile court to transfer the juvenile to adult criminal court for disposition as if the juvenile were an adult if the court makes certain findings; provides for an automatic de novo review by the criminal court of a juvenile court's decision denying a transfer to adult criminal court. - Amends TCA Title 33; Title 37; Title 39; Title 40; Chapter 264 of the Public Acts of 2023 and Chapter 363 of the Public Acts of 2023.
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Senate • Aug 22, 2023: Lay on the Table
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  • Aug 22, 2023 | Senate
    • Passed on Second Consideration, refer to Senate Judiciary Committee
    • Lay on the Table
  • Aug 21, 2023 | Senate
    • Filed for introduction
    • Introduced, Passed on First Consideration
    • Placed on Senate Judiciary Committee calendar for 8/22/2023