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  1. Introduced 2020-01-10
  2. Passed Legislature
  3. Signed into Law
LB 920
Nebraska Legislature Bill
Bill Title:
Change provisions for the distribution of lottery funds used for education, transfer powers and duties, create new acts and funds, and change education provisions
Last Action:
2020-08-18, Legislature: Provisions/portions of LB1168 amended into LB920 by AM2388
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2020-08-18, Legislature
  • Provisions/portions of LB568 amended into LB920 by AM2388
  • Provisions/portions of LB1168 amended into LB920 by AM2388
2020-08-13, Legislature
  • Indefinitely postponed
2020-08-04, Legislature
  • Murman AM3315 filed
2020-07-27, Legislature
  • Placed on Select File with ER231
  • Enrollment and Review ER231 filed
2020-07-21, Legislature
  • Education AM2388 adopted
  • Groene AM2907 filed
  • Groene AM2907 adopted
  • Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial
2020-02-12, Legislature
  • Placed on General File with AM2388
  • Education AM2388 filed
2020-02-05, Legislature
  • Education priority bill
2020-01-13, Legislature
  • Referred to Education Committee
  • Notice of hearing for January 21, 2020
2020-01-10, Legislature
  • Date of introduction