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  • Introduced
    Dec 05, 2022
  • Passed Senate
    Mar 02, 2023
  • Passed House
  • Signed into Law
SB 420
Montana Senate Bill
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Require the election of city officials on even years
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House • Mar 28, 2023: Hearing (H) Local Government
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Comments on SB 420

Danny Choriki wrote 3 weeks ago

Municipal elections are crucial and they should not be lost in the clutter of the more significant federal and state elections. If anything, Montana Legislature elections should be moved to the odd years, so that more attention can be focused on Montana issues without getting lost in the clutter of the national elections and the media's focus on the national issues.
Danny Choriki wrote 3 weeks ago

Election fatigue is caused by information overload mainly because the 24/7 news cycle's constant obsession with US national politics. Eliminating off cycle local elections and jamming them in with the state and national elections will not decrease the information overload. In fact, it will increase the overload and related stress because all the elections will be happening at the same time. The actual impact will be that people pays even less attention to the local elections which are lost in the clutter of the national debate on the 24/7 news channels. It will also nationalize the local elections, further increasing the impact of political parties on the process. Local elections will be more and more decided by national issues which are irrelevant to the locality in question. However, the 24-hour news cycle can also contribute to election fatigue for voters by bombarding them with constant political messaging and information. This can make it difficult for voters to discern the most important issues and make informed decisions when it comes to local elections. Additionally, the 24-hour news cycle can magnify the importance of national politics over local politics, which can have the unintended consequence of reducing voter turnout in local elections. If voters are primarily focused on national politics, they may be less likely to engage with or prioritize local elections, which can have significant impacts on their communities.


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  • Mar 28, 2023 | House
    • Hearing (H) Local Government
  • Mar 28, 2023 | legislature
    • Amendments Available
  • Mar 15, 2023 | House
    • Referred to Committee (H) Local Government
    • First Reading
  • Mar 03, 2023 | Senate
    • Transmitted to House
  • Mar 02, 2023 | Senate
    • Scheduled for 3rd Reading
    • 3rd Reading Passed
  • Mar 01, 2023 | Senate
    • Scheduled for 2nd Reading
    • 2nd Reading Passed
  • Feb 27, 2023 | Senate
    • Committee Report--Bill Passed (S) Local Government
  • Feb 24, 2023 | Senate
    • Committee Executive Action--Bill Passed (S) Local Government
    • Hearing (S) Local Government
  • Feb 21, 2023 | Senate
    • Referred to Committee (S) Local Government
    • First Reading
  • Feb 20, 2023 | legislature
    • Introduced Bill Text Available Electronically
  • Feb 20, 2023 | Senate
    • Introduced
  • Feb 20, 2023 | legislature
    • Draft Delivered to Requester
  • Feb 18, 2023 | legislature
    • Executive Director Review
    • Draft in Assembly
    • Draft Ready for Delivery
    • Executive Director Final Review
    • Draft Ready for Delivery
  • Feb 17, 2023 | legislature
    • Draft to Drafter - Edit Review
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  • Feb 14, 2023 | legislature
    • Draft in Edit
  • Feb 13, 2023 | legislature
    • Draft in Legal Review
  • Feb 09, 2023 | legislature
    • Draft to Requester for Review
  • Dec 14, 2022 | legislature
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  • Dec 05, 2022 | legislature
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