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  • Introduced
    Apr 12, 2021
  • Passed House
    Jun 15, 2021
  • Passed Senate
    Jun 15, 2021
  • Signed into Law
    Jun 23, 2021
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LD 1480
Maine House Bill
HP 1095, An Act Regarding The Review Of Law Enforcement Use Of Deadly Force
Last Action
executive • Jun 23, 2021: Signed by Governor
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Whip Lists

  • Jun 23, 2021 | executive
    • Signed by Governor
  • Jun 17, 2021 | Senate
    • PASSED TO BE ENACTED, in concurrence.
  • Jun 17, 2021 | House
    • Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.
  • Jun 15, 2021 | Senate
    • Reports READ
    • On motion by Senator CARNEY of Cumberland The Majority Ought to Pass As Amended Report ACCEPTED
    • Committee Amendment "A" (H-601) READ and ADOPTED
    • Under suspension of the Rules, READ A SECOND TIME and PASSED TO BE ENGROSSED AS AMENDED by Committee Amendment "A" (H-601) in concurrence
  • Jun 15, 2021 | House
    • Speaker laid before the House
    • Representative HARNETT of Gardiner moved to ACCEPT the Majority Ought to Pass as Amended Report.
    • Representative HAGGAN of Hampden REQUESTED a Roll Call. More than one-fifth of the members present expressed a desire for a roll call, which was ORDERED.
    • Subsequently, Representative HAGGAN of Hampden WITHDREW his REQUEST for a Roll Call.
    • Subsequently, the Majority Ought to Pass as Amended Report was ACCEPTED.
    • The Bill was READ ONCE.
    • Committee Amendment "A" (H-601) was READ.
    • On motion of Representative HAGGAN of Hampden, House Amendment "A" (H-634) to Committee Amendment "A" (H-601) was READ and FAILED ADOPTION.
    • ROLL CALL NO. 290
    • (Yeas 55 - Nays 83 - Absent 13 - Excused 0)
    • Subsequently, Committee Amendment "A" (H-601) was ADOPTED.
    • Under suspension of the rules, the Bill was given its SECOND READING without REFERENCE to the Committee on Bills in the Second Reading.
    • The Bill was PASSED TO BE ENGROSSED as Amended by Committee Amendment "A" (H-601)
    • Sent for concurrence.
  • Jun 14, 2021 | House
    • Reports READ.
    • On motion of Representative HARNETT of Gardiner, TABLED pending ACCEPTANCE of Either Report.
    • Later today assigned.
  • Apr 12, 2021 | House
    • Received by the Clerk of the House on April 12, 2021.
    • The Bill was REFERRED to the Committee on JUDICIARY pursuant to Joint Rule 308.2 and ordered printed pursuant to Joint Rule 401.