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    Feb 03, 2022
  • Passed House
  • Passed Senate
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HB 832
Maryland House Bill
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Education - Maryland Homeschool Advisory Council - Establishment
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House • Feb 08, 2022: Hearing 3/03 at 1:00 p.m.
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Comments on HB 832

Marla Camarano wrote 6 months ago

As a MD State Licensed Teacher, and the mother of two Homeschooled children, who are now adults, I am vehemently opposed to this bill. If I wanted or needed government oversight, I would not have withdrawn my children from public school in the first place. It was precisely the ineptitude and ignorance of unenlightened and egotistical government educators and administrators, who had neither the understanding nor the resources to meet my children's needs, that resulted in our family's decision to Homeschool. My complete freedom from government interference allowed me to create a succesful, individually tailored, learning environment for my own children, based on their needs and timelines, rather than an arbitrary curriculum imposed by the government. Homeschoolers consistently outperform publicly schooled children on typically used measures of achievement. Maybe what's really needed is a Homeschool Board to oversee the state public schools, rather than the intrusion of a failing school system to oversee a successful homeschool process. Stay OUT of my home and my business. My children are my responsibility, not yours.
Georgette Burris-Campbell wrote 6 months ago

I am a homeschool mom and I do not support this bill. What is your interest in collecting data? I very much enjoy my right and freedom to homeschool in the state of Maryland. The language in this proposed bill is vague and neglects to recognize that we the homeschool community are very diverse with diverse styles and interests. Your data collection may best be served on the reasons some families have to chose homeschooling as an option.
Eric Vandewettering wrote 6 months ago

This bill will NOT help us at all.
Art Jenne wrote 6 months ago

Stay out of homeschooling, parents are pulling them from the corrupt educators in place in the public schools.
Jennifer LaRosa wrote 6 months ago

I am a homeschool mother and I 100% do not support this bill. I do not want, need or support state oversight into my homeschool. We pulled away from the failing state system and would prefer it to stay right where it’s at. I beg you to withdraw this bill.


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  • Feb 08, 2022 | House
    • Hearing 3/03 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Feb 03, 2022 | House
    • First Reading Ways and Means