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    Feb 10, 2022
  • Passed House
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HB 2685
Kansas House Bill
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Establishing the Kansas student achievement accountability act to require students to show grade level proficiency on state assessments before promotion to the next grade level and requiring state assessments to be provided to each grade level in each school year.
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House • May 23, 2022: Died in Committee
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Comments on HB 2685

Tina Regier wrote 5 months ago

As an educator, it concerns me when I have students performing 2 to 3 grade levels below what I am teaching. I am required to include them in my regular whole group instruction, but since they can’t actually read or understand what I am talking about, they either act out or try to sleep. I wish there was money available to have these kids who are SO far behind get caught back up. Unfortunately, it wastes their time when they simply sit and do nothing. I provide differentiation during independent work time, but that is the only time they are being taught what they truly know how to comprehend.
Sharon Norden wrote 5 months ago

I am an educator. I have been for 15 years. I have taught in Catholic and Public Schools. Gifted, special education and general education. Children of all types test differently. And they fail. Governing if children pass or fail on one specific test is breaking the rights of children growth and achievement. Also, let’s look at how we are as adults. Lawyers, doctors, educators, even drivers license have multiple time to take a test to pass. Yet we want to pressure our youth to pass test, over being a good human being. Retaining children simply on one test is not the way to change education. It’s not the way to raise YOUR child. Because one bad day for students, will show how terrible this idea is. Look at all the people in history you learned from failure, many tests; Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Graham Bell needed 200 people and over 200 tries to create the lightbulb … all successes based on failed. Please do not take the treacherous road and base passing on ONE tests. It will kill what education and the power of failure for sure.
Cindy Cowell wrote 5 months ago

This will cause overcrowding in some schools and classes. Many students do not test well and this will cause undo stress and anxiety, let alone will not show what they really know.
Sara Roberts wrote 5 months ago

This bill is ridiculous. As a mom of 5, this bill will fail many Kansas students. Every single kid tests differently, some have test anxiety, some kids don't care and don't try on these tests. My 6th grader earns good grades and has dyslexia, anxiety, and ADHD but these state test show he is below grade level! He tests poorly and I don't think graduation should be held hostage because kids can't pass a test. We need to stop teaching kids to these tests, and start focusing on education in the classrooms and go off their actual grades!
Amanda Conrad wrote 5 months ago

If this bill passes. The state is failing our children. Why do they need to pass a standardized test to pass a grade level? If our children’s educators can not be trusted to pass or fail them, why even have teachers? Let’s just go to computerized learning. Another terrible idea. Some children have test anxiety, I did. I am successful in my career. Children learn and express their knowledge in different ways. Not to mention some have learning disabilities. Are those children going to be held back consistently because they fail your standardized test? We need to do better, it isn’t just about test scores.


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  • May 23, 2022 | House
    • Died in Committee
  • Feb 10, 2022 | House
    • Introduced
    • Referred to Committee on K-12 Education Budget
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