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Janeese Lewis George
Councilmember - Independent - District Ward 4


Capitol Office:
Kelly HuntChief of Staffkhunt@dccouncil.govWebsite
Charnisa RoysterDeputy Chief of Staff & Schedulercroyster@dccouncil.govWebsite
James LewisConstituent Services Coordinatorjlewis@dccouncil.govWebsite
Barbara RogersDirector of Community Engagementbrogers@dccouncil.govWebsite
Camille DavisExecutive Assistant & Constituent Services 724-8052Website
Nikita Easley, Esq.Legislative 741-0909Website
Oscar MontielConstituent Services Directoromontiel@dccouncil.govWebsite
Emily CassometusSenior CounselEtatro@dccouncil.govWebsite
Ben RosenfeldCommunications 654-6421Website