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House Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

Rep. Brissonmember
Rep. Hastingsvice chair
Rep. Johnmember
Rep. K. Hallmember
Rep. Cothammember
Rep. Torbettvice chair
Rep. D. Hallchair
Rep. N. Jacksonmember
Rep. Tysonmember
Rep. Dixonmember
Rep. Quickmember
Rep. Hardistermember
Rep. Willinghammember
Rep. Clemmonsmember
Rep. Carneymember
Rep. Reivesmember
Rep. Cunninghammember
Rep. B. Jonesvice chair
Rep. Bellmember
Rep. Dahlemember
Rep. Whitemember
Rep. Wraymember
Rep. Davismember
Rep. Parémember
Rep. Millsmember
Rep. Sainemember