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House Ways and Means

Robert CherryVice Chair
Earl HarrisMinority Member
Harold SlagerMajority Member
Craig SnowMajority Member
Tonya PfaffMinority Member
Ben SmaltzMajority Member
Cherrish PryorMinority Member
J.D. PrescottMajority Member
Chuck GoodrichChair of K-12 Subcommittee
Gregory PorterRanking Minority Member
Robert HeatonChair of Higher Education Subcommittee
Chris JudyMajority Member
Beau BairdMajority Member
Peggy MayfieldMajority Member
Dave HeineChair of Local Government Finance Subcommittee
Edward ClereChair of Health and Medicaid Subcommittee
Edward DeLaneyMinority Member
Mike AndradeMinority Member
Jack JordanChair of Budget Subcommittee
Sheila KlinkerMinority Member
Chris CampbellMinority Member
Elizabeth RowrayMajority Member
Timothy O'BrienMajority Member
Jeffrey ThompsonChair