How do I share my tracked bills?

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That’s probably the most advanced function of FastDemocracy. Many big advocacy organizations are using it, but you can use it as well! If you compile a list of bills and add some comments, you might want to share your list of bills with others.
For example, you can use it to keep your friends updated on bills you care about, or you can add a bill widget to your blog or website. The best thing is: as bills move through the legislative process, we’ll keep your list up to date, with all the latest bill actions and changes.

1. Compile your list of tracked bills (if you haven’t already). There are many ways to do that, e.g using the bill search bar on top or via “My tracked topics”.

2. Go to “My Tracked Bills”. Next to each bill name there’ll be a little padlock icon. For the bills you want to share, click on the padlock and it becomes a blue globe.

3. On top of the “My tracked bills” page there’s a blue “share” button. Click on it and you’ll get the sharing link you can give to your members. Alternatively, you can copy-paste the sharing HTML code at the bottom to your website to embed a widget with your shared bills.

4. Next to each bill description, there’s also a little pen icon, which lets you add your comments on bills. It’s helpful if you want to share your thoughts on that bill with your members (something like “This bill does …. and you should call your Senator about it”, or whatever you like 🙂 ).

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