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As the cost of living continues to rise statewide, paychecks are being stretched thinner than ever to pay for housing, childcare, food, utilities, and healthcare costs. Taking on debt to cover essential needs is now common for working families. When debts go unpaid, creditors, debt buyers, and debt collectors can sue and take debt holders to court. In court, these parties are granted access to a powerful set of tools to seize wages, belongings, and bank account balances, leaving families unable to afford necessities. Oregonians need protections to prohibit excessive wage seizures for those with consumer debt in collections. HB 2008 protects consumers' ability to continue to work, maintain their housing, keep food on the table, and fight unfair debt proceedings by making common-sense modernizations to Oregon's consumer protection and debt collection laws. 

Tell House Business and Labor Committee members to advance HB 2008 and provide a realistic pathway for Oregon families to recover after an unexpected financial hardship rather than being pushed further into a cycle of debt and poverty. 
Relating to protections from debt collection; prescribing an effective date.
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House • Apr 27, 2023
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