Tell the Judiciary Committee to Remove Section 2 of HB 5448

Last week, the Government Administration and Elections (GAE) Committee voted out HB 5448 AN ACT CONCERNING SECURITY OF CERTAIN ELECTION WORKERS AND ELECTIONS-RELATED LOCATIONS. Now the bill will head to the Judiciary Committee and you must contact your state Representative and Senator and ask that they advocate for Section 2 to be removed from the bill today.

Section 2 makes possession of a weapon near an elections site a Class D felony, conviction of which can result in a state prison sentence ranging from one to five years and additional fines up to $5,000if a person is lawfully carrying a firearm (or weapon) within 250 feet of elections locations, including drop boxes, and any area where votes are being administered or counted. 

Those who testified in support of the provision claim it will protect election workers feel safe from fear or intimidation. However, Connecticut only allows concealed carry, eliminating any concern that a gun is used for intimidation. Furthermore, how can an election worker feel intimidated by a law-abiding gun owner concealed carrying a firearm 100 feet from a dropbox? 

Section 2 of HB 5448 is another gratuitous attack on law abiding gun owners in the State, intended only to make gun ownership more cumbersome and legally risky. 

AN ACT CONCERNING SECURITY OF CERTAIN ELECTION WORKERS. To (1) allow certain election workers to request that their residential addresses be exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, (2) establish a criminal prohibition on the possession of a firearm or deadly weapon within one thousand feet of certain election-related locations, and (3) establish a criminal prohibition on, and a civil cause of action for, threatening or harassing conduct toward election workers performing election-related duties.
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File Number 627 (LCO)
House • Apr 30, 2024
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