S.B. 260 (McPike, VanValkenburg, New Craig, DeSteph) - Manufacturing Makes VA!

Prioritizes state procurement of goods made in VA.  Virginia spends over $177 billion per biennium on goods and services.  This bill does the following:
  • Prioritizes Virginia manufactured goods (first) and U.S. manufactured goods (second).
  • Allows Virginia companies the opportunity price-match a winning bid by an out-of-state manufacturer.
  • Requires reciprocity against out-of-state bidders with absolute or percentage preferences in their home state procurement process.
This is a recommendation the Virginia Department of General Services, Public Body Procurement Workgroup (report here), and the Virginia Manufacturing Development Commission.

Virginia Public Procurement Act; preference for goods produced in Virginia, etc.
Last Action
Governor's substitute printed 24109241D-S3
Senate • Apr 05, 2024
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