Call to Action: Remove A Barrier to APRN-led Clinics and Practice!

Hello Advanced Practice Registered Nurse / Community Member:

Please take a few moments to support an important bill for APRNs this year! One of the MN APRN Coalition's top legislative priorities this session is HF3440 / SF4303, a bill revising the 2080 transition to practice requirement causing a significant regulatory burden on our state's APRN-led clinics. 

Background: Since 2015, APRNs in Minnesota have been granted full practice authority upon the successful completion of a graduate degree, national certification, and licensure. APRNs have begun to establish APRN-led clinics, an innovative new care model to provide primary care and mental health services across Minnesota. Unfortunately, the ability of APRNs to grow and expand these innovative clinical models is inhibited by a burdensome "transition to practice" requirement in MN statute, requiring NP and CNS postgraduates to practice under a transitional collaborative agreement for 2080 hours in a hospital or integrated clinical setting where physicians and APRNs are both employed. 

This session, we are introducing legislation with bipartisan support that would revise this unnecessary and outdated regulatory burden. Revising the current statute would allow newly graduated CNSs and NPs to seek employment in APRN-led clinics without the need of a physician present. It would also help grow and expand APRN-led clinics in Minnesota and allow for greater access to skilled healthcare providers and services for patients in underserved and rural areas. 

Please take a moment to ask your legislators for their support of HF3440 / SF4303!

Here are the quick and easy steps to contact your state senator and state representative:
* Start out by writing your first and last name as well as your email address. Then click "Next" to start sending the email.
* You will be asked to input your address in order to identify the legislators who represent you.
* Feel free to either send the pre-written email as-is or add a few sentences about why this bill or advanced practice registered nurse care in general is important to you.

Thank you!

Advanced practice registered nurse postgraduate collaborative practice requirements removed.
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