Let's make the Judicial Branch subject to the Freedom of Information Act

What don't we know?

Courts are currently NOT required to answer questions like the following:
  • How courts spend public funds
  • How long it takes for a court case to move through the system in each county How people who work for courts are trained, and what policies they follow Outcomes of juvenile probation programs
  • How is discipline handled at temporary juvenile detention centers
  • How many people are released on pretrial supervision programs or electronic monitoring How many people violate their terms of pretrial release or probation
Illinois is an Outlier

44 other states provide a right of public access to judicial branch records, either through FOIA laws or court rules.

The Solution

Illinois must join them. The entire Illinois court system operates without the basic transparency protections FOIA provides. Unlike every other government body in Illinois, the judiciary is not currently subject to FOIA, which means it has full discretion over what information it releases about its operations.
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Added Co-Sponsor Rep. Lindsey LaPointe
House • Mar 21, 2023
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