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HB1783 is pro-consumer legislation. Virginians depend upon clean natural gas for essential services such as home heating, cooking, energy generation, and manufacturing. Propane is also essential in rural and underserved regions. Access to these resources is a public safety and security issue, especially during times of severe weather and power outages. A recent breakthrough in the use of mixing hydrogen into natural gas has resulted in an even cleaner fuel composition, as well as renewable natural gas and renewable propane innovations.

Energy diversification is essential to national and economic security. Advocates have begun an aggressive national campaign to use regulatory agencies to ban access to these fuels through building codes, regulations, ordinances, and other means.  Washington DC is the closest jurisdiction to Virginia that has used building codes to ban natural gas.  However, Virginia is not immune to these efforts, the Virginia Department of House and Community Development's Energy Sub-Workgroup tried to pass recommendations last summer to ban natural gas appliances through the building codes.  Advocates are also using national regulatory agencies - just look at the public's reaction to the Consumer Product Safety Commission's failed attempt to ban gas stoves.

Natural gas, renewable natural gas, propane, renewable propane, and hydrogen are essential to low-carbon and low-cost energy that powers our homes and businesses. Natural gas is also essential to national security and it is a raw material in manufacturing everything from carpet to fertilizer.  To protect consumers, over 20 states have passed some form of legislation shielding these resources from regulatory restrictions or bans because the consequences of inaction are severe – just look at the impacts around the US and Europe today. 

Home owners, restaurants, manufacturers, small businesses, defense industries, poultry processors, plumbing and heating contractors, Port facilities, workers, and retirees need your help. 

Please support HB1783 – Virginians for Energy Diversity!
Natural gas utilities; retail supply choice, definitions.
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Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor
Senate • Jan 25, 2023
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