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This past year the VCBG has been working to expand market access for brewers through self-distribution options. HB 1336 established Virginia Winery Distribution Company Study working group under VDACS. The study began as an effort to review self-distribution options to Limited Breweries that could mirror the policies and structure already in place for farm wineries, known as the Virginia Winery Distribution Company (VWDC). The study concluded that like wineries, who already have this privilege extended to all Virginia wineries, this should include options for all Virginia breweries.

HB 2258 (Robinson) will establish the Virginia Beer Distribution Company (VBDC), a POS system giving all breweries limited self-distribution through the VBDC. Under the proposed VBDC: 

  • all breweries will have an opportunity to "self-distribute" up to 500 barrels of beer per year through the VBDC.
  • an advisory Board of Directors will be created to help operate the VBDC.
  • breweries with distribution contacts, after offering the "right of first refusal" to their existing distributors, should be able to utilize the VBDC to "self distribute" beer to VA ABC licensed festivals and events (pending VBDC Board guidelines).
  • breweries will no longer be able to form spouse-owned distribution businesses (a.k.a. "arms-length distribution") - all licensed operations prior to 1/1/24 will be "grandfathered." 
Support HB 2258 - Support the Beer Industry Limited Distribution Act (BILD) and help Virginia Craft Breweries "BILD"!
Alcoholic beverage control; beer distribution.
Last Action
Approved by Governor-Chapter 597 (effective 7/1/24)
executive • Mar 26, 2023
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