Committee Substitute for Senate Bill 649
By Senators Blair (Mr. President), Trump, Rucker, and Barrett [Passed March 09, 2023; in effect 90 days from passage]
Enr CS for SB 649
1 AN ACT to amend chapter 232, Acts of the Legislature, Regular Session 2008, by adding thereto a
2 new section designated section six, relating to authorizing the Berkeley County Council to
3 change its name to the Berkeley County Commission; providing that name change does
4 not affect commission’s powers, duties, or responsibilities, or number or terms of
5 commission’s members; and requiring public notice of council’s intent to change its name.
Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:
§6. Name change to Berkeley County Commission.
1 (a) The Berkeley County Council may, by a majority vote of the council, adopt a resolution
2 that solely changes its name back to the Berkeley County Commission. The resolution shall not
3 constitute a reformation, alteration, or modification of the form of county government. The council,
4 upon changing its name, shall retain its powers, duties, and responsibilities as a county
5 commission, as provided in the constitution and the general laws of this state. The change in the
6 name of the council shall not affect or alter the number or terms of its members.
7 (b) At least 30 days prior to consideration of the resolution, the council shall give notice of
8 the proposed change by publication of the intent to change its name in each weekly or daily
9 newspaper as a Class II-0 legal advertisement in compliance with West Virginia Code §59-3-1 et
10 seq.
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