By Senator Liias
1 WHEREAS, Patty Rubstello began her career at the Washington State
2 Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in 1990; and
3 WHEREAS, In 2002, Patty advocated for the I-405 corridor program
4 as a traffic policy engineer; and
5 WHEREAS, In 2008, Patty spearheaded marketing and outreach for
6 the SR 167 HOT project, which implemented "Good to Go!" all
7 electronic tolling in Washington State; and
8 WHEREAS, Patty and team delivered "smarter highways" in 2010 that
9 included automated traffic management systems; and
10 WHEREAS, In 2011 Patty and team implemented tolling on the SR 520
11 floating bridge; and
12 WHEREAS, Patty and team in 2015 implemented the I-405 express
13 toll lanes between Bellevue and Lynnwood; and
14 WHEREAS, In 2015, Patty took over leadership of the toll
15 division; and
16 WHEREAS, Patty created the Office of Urban Mobility and Access in
17 2017 and served as their assistant secretary; and
18 WHEREAS, In 2020 Patty was appointed as assistant secretary of
19 WSDOT and head of Washington State Ferries (WSF), the largest ferry
20 system in the country; and
21 WHEREAS, Patty showed dedication by attending night classes while
22 working at WSF to finish her engineering degree; and
p. 1 8681
1 WHEREAS, As head of WSF, Patty went above and beyond for her
2 employees, going so far as to attend the ordinary sailor
3 training required of ferry operators in order to better
4 understand what was expected of them; and
5 WHEREAS, Patty worked hard to address many of the issues WSF
6 is facing including strengthening their workforce, increasing
7 ferry reliability, and responding to the needs of local
8 communities; and
9 WHEREAS, At every point in her career, Patty demonstrated
10 exceptional commitment to public service; and
11 WHEREAS, After a remarkable 33 years at the Washington State
12 Department of Transportation, Patty Rubstello has announced her
13 retirement;
14 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State
15 Senate honor and congratulate Patty Rubstello for over three
16 decades of outstanding service at the Department of
17 Transportation.
18 I, Sarah Bannister, Secretary of the Senate,
19 do hereby certify that this is a true and
20 correct copy of Senate Resolution 8681,
21 adopted by the Senate
22 February 22, 2024
24 Secretary of the Senate
p. 2 8681