By Senators Kuderer, Cleveland, Fortunato, Hasegawa, Hunt, Kauffman, Keiser,
Lovick, Nobles, SaldaƱa, Shewmake, Torres, Valdez, Wellman, and C. Wilson
1 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud is a woman-led, grassroots economic
2 development organization founded in Seattle, Washington aiming to
3 create $1,000,000,000 in economic access and opportunity for women
4 entrepreneurs by 2030, of which they have already achieved valuation
5 of more than $500,000,000; and
6 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud is paving the way for the next generation
7 of women entrepreneurs and professionals in the tech industry,
8 community leadership, and lawmaking; and
9 WHEREAS, Harvard Business Review found that the unique
10 perspectives provided by a diverse team bring together innovative
11 ideas and harbors greater creativity; and
12 WHEREAS, Forbes reports that in 2021 women accounted for only
13 34.4 percent of the workforce at the five largest tech companies
14 despite making up 47 percent of the total workforce and 50 percent of
15 the population in the United States; and
16 WHEREAS, Statistics such as these illustrate that the
17 underrepresentation of women in tech professional fields persists;
18 and
19 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud strives to ignite economic success with
20 their ESG Women's Leadership Program, which brings together women
21 from a diverse range of fields, including politics, technology, and
22 business; and
p. 1 8630
1 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud has grown to a community of over
2 70,000 members, giving them a powerful platform to align their
3 skills and talents with opportunities to put more women in
4 leadership roles; and
5 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud recognizes these women as sources of
6 inspiration and empowerment for young women and girls to pursue
7 careers in professional and technological fields; and
8 WHEREAS, The Women in Cloud Annual Summit has become one of
9 the world's most influential conferences and a celebration of
10 the advancements of women as industry leaders; and
11 WHEREAS, Bringing together over 1,000 international
12 participants and speakers from over 25 countries, the Annual
13 Summit facilitates curated and organic connections to make way
14 for economic development; and
15 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud attempted a Guinness World Records
16 title for the most users in a vision board video hangout during
17 their 2023 Annual Summit with 535 people developing a vision
18 board in two attempts; and
19 WHEREAS, Women in Cloud is an industry leading platform for
20 women and allies to gain access to the knowledge, leaders, and
21 networks necessary to build successful and responsible
22 businesses in a new era of technological advancement;
23 NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State
24 Senate recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of Women in
25 Cloud, the powerful community of women luminaires this
26 initiative is creating, and the strides being made in the
27 pursuit of increased representation of women leaders in
28 professional and technological fields; and
29 BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be
30 immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Women
31 in Cloud.
32 I, Sarah Bannister, Secretary of the Senate,
33 do hereby certify that this is a true and
34 correct copy of Senate Resolution 8630,
35 adopted by the Senate
36 March 30, 2023
p. 2 8630
2 Secretary of the Senate
p. 3 8630