State of Washington 68th Legislature 2023 Regular Session
By Senators Dozier, Boehnke, Fortunato, Hunt, King, Padden, Short,
Stanford, Torres, Warnick, and J. Wilson
Prefiled 12/19/22. Read first time 01/09/23. Referred to Committee
on Local Government, Land Use & Tribal Affairs.
1 AN ACT Relating to meetings of county legislative authorities;
2 and amending RCW 36.32.080.
4 Sec. 1. RCW 36.32.080 and 2016 c 189 s 1 are each amended to
5 read as follows:
6 (1) The county legislative authority of each county shall hold
7 regular meetings at the county seat or at a location designated in
8 accordance with subsection (2) or (3) of this section to transact any
9 business required or permitted by law.
10 (2)(a) Any two or more county legislative authorities may hold a
11 joint regular meeting solely in the county seat of a participating
12 county if the agenda item or items relate to actions or
13 considerations of mutual interest or concern to the participating
14 legislative authorities.
15 (b) A legislative authority participating in a joint regular
16 meeting held in accordance with this subsection (2) must, for
17 purposes of the meeting, comply with notice requirements for special
18 meetings provided in RCW 42.30.080. This subsection (2)(b) does not
19 apply to the legislative authority of the county in which the meeting
20 will be held.
p. 1 SB 5067
1 (3)(a) As an alternative option ((that may be exercised no more
2 than once per calendar quarter)), regular meetings may be held at a
3 location outside of the county seat but within the county if the
4 county legislative authority determines that holding a meeting at an
5 alternate location would be in the interest of supporting greater
6 citizen engagement in local government at the following intervals:
7 (i) Once per calendar month in a city with a greater population
8 than the city in which the county seat is located; and
9 (ii) Once per calendar quarter in any other location.
10 (b) No more than one meeting per calendar month may be held at an
11 alternate location as provided for in this subsection (3).
12 (((b))) (c) The county legislative authority must give notice of
13 any regular meeting held pursuant to this subsection (3) at least
14 ((thirty)) 30 days before the time of the meeting specified in the
15 notice. At a minimum, notice must be:
16 (i) Posted on the county's website;
17 (ii) Published in a newspaper of general circulation in the
18 county; and
19 (iii) Sent via electronic transmission to any resident of the
20 county who has chosen to receive the notice required under this
21 section at an email address.
--- END ---
p. 2 SB 5067

Statutes affected:
Original Bill: 36.32.080