Animal testing facilities; public notification. Requires any animal testing facility, contract testing facility, or manufacturer, as defined in the bill, that uses an animal test method to display a link to its annual report (APHIS Form 7023) on the homepage or landing page of the facility's or manufacturer's website on or before December 1 for the preceding federal fiscal year. The bill requires an animal testing facility to make certain inspection reports publicly available by displaying a link to access such reports on the home page or landing page of the animal testing facility's website or, if such animal testing facility does not have a website, making such information available by means of a press release or other similar publication. The bill requires any animal testing facility operated by an institution of higher education that receives a citation for critical noncompliance, as defined in the bill, under the Animal Welfare Act or regulations adopted thereunder to notify the leadership of such institution, including the president, dean, and board of visitors or board of trustees. The provisions of the bill do not apply to any federal facility or privately owned licensed veterinary practice. This bill is identical to SB 1271.