This bill requires the department of human services ("department") to identify any federal regulations or state law or rules that it determines inhibit the department's ability to timely review and approve applications and deliver benefits for the food assistance program. Additionally, the department must identify any federal waivers it deems necessary to alleviate any federal regulatory limitations it identifies and, no later than October 31, 2024, must submit applications to the federal government for such waivers.
On or before December 31, 2024, this bill requires the department to submit a report to the chair of the health and welfare committee of the senate, the chair of the health committee of the house of representatives, and the legislative librarian that details its findings, describes any waiver applications it has submitted and the status of such applications, and includes recommendations to the general assembly for any statutory changes the department deems necessary to facilitate efficient processing and approval of applications and delivery of benefits for the food assistance program.