This bill authorizes the department of mental health and substance abuse services to conduct a pilot project to provide home-based mental healthcare services to service recipients following discharge from an inpatient treatment facility for involuntary commitment. In order to develop and conduct the pilot program, this bill authorizes the department to do the following:
(1) Consult with other government providers that have utilized home-based visits and similar community-based mental health follow-up services to individuals subsequent to discharge from inpatient mental healthcare facilities;
(2) Partner with appropriate inpatient facilities where service recipients are involuntarily committed;
(3) Employ or contract with public health nurses and other mental health professionals to make home visits to service recipients;
(4) Develop policies and procedures related to the frequency of, requirements for, and goals for such visits;
(5) Develop policies and procedures relating to a health professional's initiation of a referral that results in a petition for the service recipient to be re-committed to an inpatient facility;
(6) Collect medicaid, medicare, or private insurance benefits to compensate for services provided;
(7) Develop assessment tools to identify and prioritize a service recipient's need for home-based care subsequent to release from an inpatient facility; and
(8) Provide home-based services to service recipients in a manner that maximizes available resources, utilizes existing partnerships, and achieves the department's needs in evaluating the success of the pilot program.
This bill requires the department to collect data and undertake analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot program. The analysis must be relevant to assessing the program's success, which may include, outcomes related to medication management; risk assessment; justice system involvement; the need for subsequent emergency or inpatient mental healthcare treatment; healthcare reimbursements; and relevant cost-benefit analysis.
This bill requires the department to compile and deliver a report on the status and outcomes of the pilot program following the end of each fiscal year during which the pilot program is conducted. The report must be delivered no later than September 30 of that year to the chair of the health and welfare committee of the senate, the health committee of the house of representatives, and the legislative librarian.