The Special Legislative Commission in Rhode Island has conducted a thorough review of the state's Health and Human Services programs, meeting nine times to understand the history, structure, and various services provided by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) and its sub-agencies. The Commission's study covered a range of topics, including Medicaid, behavioral health, developmental disabilities, state hospitals, and compared the state agency structures with those in other states. One of the key recommendations from the Commission is to reorganize the Department of Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Hospitals by creating a separate Department of Hospitals. This new department would encompass Eleanor Slater Hospital's campuses, the Rhode Island Veterans Home, and the upcoming Rhode Island Psychiatric Hospital, aiming to improve leadership and management with specialized hospital skills.

In response to the Commission's findings, the Senate of Rhode Island has passed a resolution requesting that the Executive Office of Health and Human Services conduct a review and analysis on the feasibility of establishing a Department of Hospitals. The Senate has asked for a report on the findings and recommendations to be delivered by September 1, 2024. Additionally, the resolution includes an instruction for the Secretary of State to transmit a certified copy of the resolution to the Secretary of the Executive Office of Health and Human Services, ensuring that the directive is formally communicated and actioned upon.