The General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island has passed a resolution to officially recognize the Seaconke Wampanoag tribe as a Native American Indian tribe for specific purposes. This recognition is intended to assist the tribe in accessing federal benefits related to education, job training, housing, and the protection of their artwork sales. Additionally, it supports the tribe's eligibility for various grants, the practice of traditional religious ceremonies, the preservation of burial sites and artifacts, and the sale of handicrafts as "Indian made."

However, the resolution clarifies that this recognition is limited and does not extend to any other purposes beyond those expressly stated. It does not imply that the tribe has a State compact or approval for activities under the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, nor does it confer the right to conduct gambling or sell motor fuels or tobacco. Furthermore, this state recognition does not affect the tribe's pursuit of federal recognition, nor does it acknowledge any claims to ancestral or tribal lands. The resolution also directs the Secretary of State to send a certified copy of the resolution to the Governor of Rhode Island, Daniel McKee.