This resolution acknowledges the importance of Rhode Island's shorelines and coastal waters to the state's economy, including tourism and the seafood industry. It recognizes the role of the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council and the Department of Environmental Management in preserving and protecting these resources. However, it suggests that the structure of these entities should be reviewed to ensure they meet current and future needs.

The resolution requests the Department of Administration (DOA) to conduct a comprehensive review and analysis of the Coastal Resources Management Council. This review should include a cost-benefit analysis of the Council becoming a standalone department or merging with the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, an examination of the current operating structures, and an assessment of the organization structure, staffing, and resources required for both scenarios. Additionally, it should identify any federal approvals needed from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for these changes. The DOA is requested to develop recommendations on how the state should proceed with the Coastal Resources Management Council and report its findings to the Senate by February 1, 2025. The Secretary of State is directed to transmit a certified copy of the resolution to the Director of the Department of Administration.