The bill extends the deadline for THE KENT OFFICE CONDOMinium ASSOCIATION, INC. to file required reports for the years 1991 through 2024 until December 31, 2024. The association, which was incorporated on December 12, 1985, must file the overdue reports and pay the associated filing fees to the Secretary of State. Additionally, the corporation must pay a sum determined by the Attorney General as a compromise for penalties incurred due to their failure to file the reports on time. Upon completion of these requirements, any forfeiture or revocation of the corporation's charter will be vacated, and the corporation will regain all privileges, benefits, and powers, as well as be subject to the same duties and liabilities as if the forfeiture or revocation had never occurred.

The bill does not include any specific insertions or deletions of legal language from current law. It simply provides a remedy for the corporation's past non-compliance with reporting requirements and outlines the steps necessary to restore the corporation's legal standing. The act will take effect immediately upon passage.