The bill amends Chapter 23-6.5 of the General Laws, which is entitled "Automated External Defibrillators Required at Public Places," to also include health care facilities within its scope. The title of the chapter is changed to reflect this inclusion, with the insertion of "AND HEALTH CARE FACILITIES" after "PUBLIC PLACES." The legislative findings section is updated to emphasize the importance of AEDs in health care facilities as well as in other facilities that host large numbers of visitors. It also highlights statistics on sudden cardiac arrest and the effectiveness of timely defibrillation.

The bill further amends the requirements for AEDs, expanding the definition of places that must provide and maintain AEDs to include health care facilities. It specifies that these facilities must have an adequate number of AEDs as deemed by the director of health and at least one person trained in their operation and use. Additionally, the bill adds a new section defining "health care facility" and "public place," with detailed descriptions of the types of locations included in each category. The act is set to take effect on September 1, 2024.