The State of Rhode Island acknowledges the long history and cultural heritage of the Manissean tribal natives of Block Island, who have inhabited the island for centuries. The resolution recognizes the significant reduction in the native population from an estimated 1,200-1,500 in 1661 to just 51 by 1774, and the discovery of a year-round Manissean village site dating back to 500 B.C. during an archaeological excavation in 1985. It also notes the Manissean natives' skilled maritime culture, their subsistence on hunting, fishing, agriculture, and trade, and their perseverance through challenges such as wars, invasion, servitude, and taxation.

The Rhode Island House of Representatives expresses its support for acknowledging the Manissean Tribal Natives and honors their ancestors and descendants. The resolution calls for the commemoration and preservation of the indigenous culture and historical sites on Block Island. It further instructs the Secretary of State to send a certified copy of the resolution to Maryann Gobern Mathews, President of the Manissean Tribe of Block Island, as a gesture of recognition for the descendants of the island's original native families.