The bill seeks to repeal Chapter 120 of the Public Laws of 1964, which established a police court in the Town of Johnston, including all provisions related to the court's establishment, jurisdiction, and procedures. The deletions from the current law encompass the creation of the police court, the qualifications and appointment of judges and clerks, the court's seal and oath-taking powers, and its authority over certain offenses. Additionally, the bill removes sections detailing the management of appeals, fines for parking and traffic violations, and the town council's powers related to the police court. It also repeals transitional provisions for handling existing cases and the transfer of records from the eighth district court to the police court.

In place of the repealed law, the bill introduces new provisions for the establishment of a municipal court and a municipal housing court in the Town of Johnston, with the authority to hear cases involving town ordinance violations and housing and zoning violations, respectively. The municipal court would have the power to impose fines, administer oaths, compel witness attendance, and punish for contempt, with the town council responsible for appointing judges. The bill also grants the municipal court concurrent jurisdiction with the Rhode Island traffic tribunal for certain traffic violations. It includes a severability clause and would take effect immediately upon passage.