The resolution acknowledges the long history and cultural heritage of the Manissean tribal natives on Block Island, Rhode Island. It recognizes the tribe's centuries-long presence on the island, their survival through various hardships, and their contributions to the local economy and culture. The resolution notes the archaeological findings that have shed light on the Manissean's skilled maritime culture, their traditional ways of life, and the significant reduction in their population over the centuries.

The Rhode Island Senate expresses its support for the recognition of the Manissean Tribal Natives and honors their ancestors and descendants. It emphasizes the importance of preserving the indigenous culture and historical sites on Block Island. The resolution concludes with a directive for the Secretary of State to transmit a certified copy of the resolution to Maryann Gobern Mathews, President of the Manissean Tribe, as a gesture of acknowledgment and respect for the descendants of the island's original native families.