The resolution addresses a reduction in education funding for the towns of Tiverton, Burrillville, and Middletown in the 2025 fiscal year budget as per Article 8 in the Governor's budget. Tiverton's education funding was cut by approximately $1,100,000, Burrillville's by about $466,447, and Middletown's by roughly $618,728. In response to these reductions, the resolution proposes a reallocation of funds from the budget allocated to public charter schools.

The resolution calls for a transfer of $1,200,000 from public charter school funds to be redistributed among the three towns to support their education funding. Tiverton would receive $600,000, while Burrillville and Middletown would each receive $300,000. This transfer is intended to offset the reductions and is to be executed in accordance with the state funding formula set forth in chapter 7 of title 16. The legislative council explains that this resolution would authorize the transfer of these funds as part of the adjustments to the fiscal year 2025 budget initially submitted by the Governor.