The House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island has expressed its deep sorrow over the passing of several individuals, including Karolyn Kalunian, Neal Joseph Costigan, Patricia A. Carvalho, Theresa Spagnolo, Cipriano Massimo Illiano, Robert "Tony" A. Thornhill, Albert Calcagni, Jeffrey Vale, Mayra Antonia Vizcaino Torres, Raymond G. Pensalfini, Joan A. Watkinson, Sara A. Kirtlink, Ronald J. Roselli, Mary Elizabeth Gooding, Lucy Elizabeth Megrdichian, Lewis Jean Sawyer, Sr., Albert Joseph Ravenelle, Jr., Robert E. Jacques, Jr., Irwin "Chappy" Pierce, John M. Gates, Linda Barbara Moran-DiMuccio, and Katherine A. "Kay" Hickey. The resolution names the representatives who brought forth the notice of each individual's passing, including Speaker Shekarchi and Representatives McNamara, Messier, Vella-Wilkinson, O'Brien, McEntee, Diaz, Fenton-Fung, Costantino, Finkelman, Kennedy, and Fellela.

The resolution concludes with the House extending its sincerest condolences and sympathy to the families and loved ones of the deceased. It also instructs the Secretary of State to respectfully transmit a properly inscribed memorial to the bereaved, ensuring that the formal expression of the House's sympathy is communicated to those mourning the loss of their loved ones.