Boys Town was founded in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan as an organization to advocate for children's rights and provide a nurturing environment for children from troubled homes. The organization gained national acclaim, particularly after the release of the 1938 film "Boys Town," which depicted its work and contributed to its popularity. Boys Town New England, part of the larger Boys Town network, has been a beacon of hope in Rhode Island for over three decades, reaching over 20,000 individuals in the past year with a range of services, including residential care, foster care, and community-based programs. The Boys Town Education Model, which focuses on shaping behavior, building connections, and teaching social skills, has been particularly influential in Pawtucket.

The resolution acknowledges Boys Town New England's significant contributions to the community, highlighting its effective behavioral interventions and the empowerment it provides to children and families. The organization's financial management has been recognized with the highest rating from Charity Navigator. The House of Representatives of the State of Rhode Island welcomes Boys Town New England to the Rhode Island State House on May 23, 2024, expressing gratitude for its ongoing efforts to support children and families. The resolution also directs the Secretary of State to send a certified copy of the resolution to Ms. Sarah Galvin, President and Executive Director of Boys Town New England.