The resolution commemorates the 252nd anniversary of the burning of the British revenue schooner H.M.S. Gaspee by Rhode Island colonists on June 9, 1772, an act that is celebrated as a significant event in the American Revolution and America's "First Blow for Freedom." The attack on the Gaspee, which had been enforcing British tax laws, was a pivotal act of defiance against British rule and contributed to the momentum towards American independence, leading to the formation of the Committee of Correspondence, the Continental Congress, and ultimately the Declaration of Independence.

The resolution also recognizes the 59th annual celebration of Gaspee Days, a tradition in Pawtuxet Village since 1965, which includes a variety of festivities such as fireworks, a road race, live music, an Arts & Crafts Festival, and a parade. The celebration features the burning of the Gaspee in effigy and a Revolutionary War battle reenactment. The Rhode Island General Assembly has designated the second Saturday and the following Sunday in June as Gaspee Days, and the resolution encourages citizens to participate in the events. It also directs the Secretary of State to send a certified copy of the resolution to the Proclamation Chairman of the Gaspee Days Committee.