This resolution acknowledges the critical role of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as a vital public service in providing emergency care and medical assistance. It highlights the readiness of EMS teams to deliver lifesaving care around the clock and the importance of their services in improving survival and recovery rates for those with sudden illnesses or injuries. The resolution also notes the growth of EMS in offering out-of-hospital care, including preventative and follow-up care, as well as telemedicine. It recognizes the extensive training and education that EMS practitioners undergo to maintain their lifesaving skills.

The resolution further details that Rhode Island has five licensed levels of EMS practitioners and describes the diverse components of the EMS system, including first responders, dispatchers, and medical care providers. It mentions the theme for this year's EMS Week, "Honoring Our Past, Forging Our Future," and calls for the commemoration of "National EMS Week." It encourages recognition of the contributions of EMS professionals and the essential services they provide. The resolution concludes with a directive for the Secretary of State to send a certified copy of the resolution to Marc R. Pappas, Director of the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency, thereby formalizing the state's acknowledgment and support for EMS Week.