The bill amends Section 3-7-19 of the General Laws, which governs the issuance of retail licenses for the sale of beverages near schools and places of worship. It prohibits the issuance of Class B, C, N, and I retail licenses, as well as licenses under ยง 3-7-16.8, for buildings where the majority landowner within 200 feet objects or for buildings within 200 feet of a school or place of worship, with an exception for the city of East Providence where Class A licenses cannot be issued within 500 feet of such institutions. The bill clarifies the definition of "private school" and provides exemptions for licenses issued before January 1, 1978, or for establishments that existed before nearby schools or places of worship. It also allows licensing boards in Providence, Newport, Warren, and Bristol to exempt certain retail licenses from the proximity restrictions, with detailed geographic boundaries for the exempted areas.

Furthermore, the bill empowers boards of licenses and town councils in multiple cities and towns, including Newport, Providence, Cranston, and others, to grant exemptions for retailer Class B licenses from location restrictions near places of public worship. These exemptions are contingent upon application and adherence to specific conditions. The bill also addresses the transfer of licenses in Cranston, requiring transferees to comply with restrictions and tax payment certifications. New insertions to the bill provide for exemptions in Providence for proposed retailer Class BV licenses at specific addresses, with the bill set to take effect immediately upon passage.

Statutes affected:
8224: 3-7-19