The bill proposes an amendment to Chapter 42-9 of the General Laws, specifically adding a new section that grants the Attorney General of Rhode Island the authority to take action against repeated fraudulent or illegal acts in business or governmental activities. The new section, 42-9-20, defines terms such as "fraud," "persistent fraud," "illegality," and "repeated," and outlines the Attorney General's power to apply to the superior court for an order to enjoin the continuation of such acts. It also allows for the direction of restitution, damages, and penalties, and in certain cases, the cancellation of certificates filed under specific provisions.

Furthermore, the bill authorizes the Attorney General to gather evidence, determine relevant facts, and issue civil investigative demands to any person as part of the investigation process. This authority is granted prior to any application to the court and is not affected by any subsequent legal actions initiated by the Attorney General under this section. The act is set to take effect immediately upon passage. There are no deletions from the current law indicated in the bill.