The bill proposes amendments to Section 36-10-36 of the General Laws, which pertains to the post-retirement employment of individuals who have retired under the provisions of titles 16, 36, or 45. It stipulates that retired members who are reemployed by any state agency or department must suspend their retirement benefits during such employment, and they will not receive service credits or retirement contributions. Exceptions are made for certain elected or appointed positions, part-time employment at state educational institutions, and specific professional roles, with limitations on compensation and service credits. The bill also removes the conjunction "and" from the list of provisions, suggesting possible further amendments or reorganization.

Furthermore, the bill allows retired members to be employed as municipal employees under the appointment of the highest elected chief executive officer without affecting their retirement benefits, specifically in roles related to fiscal oversight. It also introduces a new provision for retired certified or qualified court interpreters to work on a per-diem basis within the unified judicial system without forfeiting their retirement benefits, subject to a limit on the number of days worked and the requirement of monthly employment notifications to the retirement board. The act will be effective upon passage.

Statutes affected:
2905: 36-10-36