The bill amends Chapter 45-25 of the General Laws, specifically concerning "City Housing Authorities," by adding a new section that dictates the composition of the housing authority for the city of Central Falls. The new section, 45-25-10.7, stipulates that the Central Falls housing authority will consist of five members, one of whom must be a resident with an existing lease in a public housing facility or someone assisted under the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program in Central Falls. This resident member must be at least eighteen years old and will be appointed for a five-year term by the mayor from a list of at least three nominees provided by the executive director of the housing authority. If fewer than three nominees are willing to be considered, the mayor may choose from the available nominees. The selection method for the resident list is to be determined by the mayor. If the resident member no longer lives in public housing, their position will be considered vacated. Additionally, all members of the Central Falls housing authority must be approved by a majority of the Central Falls city council and must be residents of Central Falls during their term.

The bill also amends Section 45-26-4 of the General Laws in Chapter 45-26, titled "Town Housing Authorities," to reflect the appointment, terms, and compensation of commissioners. It specifies that the town council shall appoint five commissioners, with the exception of the town of Lincoln, which will appoint seven. The initial commissioners will serve staggered terms, and subsequent appointments will be for five years. At least one commissioner must be a public housing resident, chosen from a list of nominees elected by public housing occupants. The bill removes the previous requirement for the Central Falls city housing authority members to be approved by the city council and to be residents of Central Falls. It also outlines compensation for commissioners in the towns of North Providence and Coventry. The act will take effect upon passage.

Statutes affected:
8061: 45-26-4