The bill amends Section 17-9.1-7 of the General Laws to enhance voter registration processes at the DMV and other designated agencies. It requires that eligible individuals applying for a driver's license, renewal, or ID at the DMV be automatically registered to vote unless they opt out within 14 days. The DMV must electronically transmit applicants' information to the statewide voter registration system by the next business day. The bill also mandates that the DMV provide the same level of assistance for voter registration as for driver's license applications and modifies the voter registration application requirements, including the certification of U.S. citizenship and penalties for false information. Notably, it removes the option for applicants to decline voter registration and instead requires them to certify citizenship and opt in or out of registration.

Furthermore, the bill extends automatic voter registration to other agencies that collect eligibility documents, allowing them to verify citizenship through database matching. It provides guidelines for agencies dealing with multiple individuals through one service application and for updating addresses on existing voter registrations. The implementation of these provisions is contingent on the DMV's certification of its computer system's capability, with a deadline set for January 1, 2026. The bill also explicitly prohibits offering voter registration to applicants for a driver privilege card or permit. The act is set to take effect upon passage.

Statutes affected:
2654  SUB A: 17-9.1-7
2654: 17-9.1-7