The bill proposes to rename the "College Crusade Scholarship" to the "Onward We Learn Scholarship Act" and includes several amendments to the existing law. The title of Chapter 16-70 of the General Laws is to be changed, with deletions of the previous title and insertions of the new one. The bill also amends various sections of the General Laws to reflect the new name of the scholarship program and to establish the program's support structure under the council on postsecondary education. It specifies the council's powers and duties, including the preparation of a line-item budget request for the program and the designation of a nonprofit organization to administer program services and manage scholarship resources associated with the federal GEAR UP program.

Additionally, the bill requires the annual appropriation of funds by the General Assembly for the support and maintenance of the "Onward We Learn" program, including operational and scholarship support. It mandates an annual audit of the program and directs that audit reports be furnished to the auditor general and the director of administration. A new section is added to ensure that local education agencies provide the program with individual-level access to student information systems and other data related to college readiness metrics. The bill also clarifies that scholarships under the "Onward We Learn" program will not be considered federal or financial aid concerning the Promise Scholarship or Hope Scholarship Pilot Program. The act is set to take effect upon passage.