The bill amends sections of the General Laws related to life insurance, specifically targeting the issue of discrimination based on prescriptions for opioid antagonists. It prohibits life insurance companies from denying coverage or discriminating against individuals solely because they have a prescription for an opioid antagonist, broadening the scope from the previous specific mention of the drug naloxone. The amendment declares that any denial of coverage on this basis is void and mandates insurers to reconsider such applications, providing retroactive coverage to the date of the initial application if they had previously denied coverage in violation of this new provision.

Furthermore, the bill updates the definitions and conditions under which group life insurance policies may be issued, ensuring that coverage exclusions or limitations cannot be based solely on the possession of a prescription for an opioid antagonist. This applies to policies issued to various organizations, including employers and labor unions. The bill also outlines the payment methods for premiums and the conditions for insuring eligible members. The changes are to take effect immediately upon the bill's passage, indicating an immediate implementation of these provisions into law.

Statutes affected:
7719: 27-4-1.1, 27-4.8-1