The bill proposes an amendment to Chapter 5-8.1 of the General Laws, specifically adding a new section that grants professional land surveyors the right to enter or cross any lands, airspace, or water resources necessary to perform surveying services. This right is granted without requiring the consent of the landowner or person in possession, with the exception of properties owned or operated by public or private utilities, railroads, airports, limited access highways, security facilities, or properties with documented safety or security plans. The bill stipulates that surveyors must not intentionally damage property and are not protected from civil liability for actual damage caused. Additionally, surveyors are not authorized to enter buildings or structures.

The bill also outlines the process for notifying landowners and persons in possession of the land prior to entry by the surveyor. Written notice must be delivered by hand at least 72 hours before entry or mailed at least seven days before entry, using the address found in municipal property tax records. Surveyors are required to carry identification and present it upon request, and vehicular access is limited to established roads and trails unless further access is granted by the landowner. The bill also includes provisions for informing the landowner about survey findings and complying with federal and state safety regulations. The act would take effect upon passage.