The bill amends the "Residential Landlord and Tenant Act" by adding a new section that prohibits landlords from charging convenience fees to tenants for rental payments. However, this prohibition does not apply if the landlord accepts at least one form of rent payment that does not require a convenience fee. Additionally, the bill mandates that landlords must disclose all fees beyond the rent in the rental agreement, or in writing if there is no written lease. This includes the disclosure of utility costs, renters insurance requirements, and any other applicable fees. Landlords are required to inform tenants of any changes in fees with at least thirty days' notice before the changes take effect. If a landlord fails to comply with these disclosure requirements, tenants may recover any undisclosed fees paid.

The bill also outlines the terms and conditions of rental agreements, including the payment of rent and the apportionment of rent. It specifies the rights of tenants aged 65 or older to terminate rental agreements under certain conditions related to moving into care facilities. Furthermore, it details the conditions under which servicemembers can unilaterally terminate leases due to changes in military service status, without incurring early termination charges, while still being responsible for unpaid rent and other obligations up to the termination date. The act is set to take effect on January 1, 2025.

Statutes affected:
7647  SUB A: 34-18-15
7647: 34-18-15