The bill proposes an amendment to Chapter 32-1 of the General Laws, specifically adding a new section 32-1-5.2, which focuses on the Sapowet Marsh Management Area. The amendment includes language that authorizes the Department of Environmental Management to permit and encourage passive outdoor recreation within the boundaries of the Sapowet Marsh Management Area. Additionally, it allows the department to enter into leases for agricultural use of parts of the land within the management area.

The bill also establishes a prohibition on commercial development or modification of Sapowet Cove, an area of water extending from Sapowet Point to a bridge and then south along Sapowet Avenue. The legislation specifies that for a distance of 2,000 feet from the bridge to Sapowet Point, measured southward from the shoreline, the water can only be used for passive outdoor recreation. Passive outdoor recreation is defined in the bill as activities related to the restoration, conservation, and management of fish, wildlife, and their habitats, including hunting and fishing. The act would take effect immediately upon passage.